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no one else can make you feel good...it's an inside job!

Sanity is a cozy lie...

Sanity is a cozy lie.
18 April 1979
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I'm 30 years old, I briefly lived in Manchester with leetje and unitedforever, it didn't work out and I moved home.

I now live in Warrington with my two cats Fernando & Lola...and ocasionally my Dad!

I spent alot of years after uni in retail management which I didn't hate but I certainly didn't love. I have recently gone into training/assessing and I absolutely love it...I actually look forward to going to work in the morning.

My complete and utter obsession is football (it's not called bloody soccer)
My first and main love is Manchester United. However I am often found flailing over Real Madrid, A C Milan, Bayern Munich and Galatasaray (unless of course they meet my boys...stupid Champions League!)

As for other interests...I am currently obsessed with Formula 1 (this is an on/off obsession...some seasons I follow it compulsively like this year, others not so much!!.
There are a few TV shows I watch religiously...True Blood, Fringe, Leverage, Mentalist. I watch these shows but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed.

Sons of Anarchy...I am absolutely addicted to this one...Happy in particular!! It's awesome and I cannot recommend it enough!

Supernatural, now here we have an obsession! I haven't been involved in the fandom from the beginning. I started watching it last year, in that short space of time it has become an obsession, seriously...Jared...Jensen *wantsssssss*

Dr Who is a life long obsession. Classic Who has the ability to make me squee as much as New Who, this then spawned a love for Torchwood.

Joss Whedon is a genius. I worship at his feet. BTVS & Angel, I will love these shows & characters forever. I have a new addiction and that is Legend of the Seeker!
I co-mod hargreaves_23, a community dedicated to the gorgeous, utterly wonderful Man Utd/England midfielder Owen Hargreaves.

nemanjavidic...VIDA!!!! ILHIM so very very much. This community is dedicated to him and doesn't get nearly enough TLC from me.
Both the above journals are kinda on haitus at the moment, maybe when I get some more time I will breathe new life into them.

I'm the mod at two land comms...themiddleearth & footballverse.
I'm also a member of several others including: jjverse,definitely_dead, legendland & crimeland
This journal is friends only...mostly to keep this life away from my real life.
I'm pretty open to people friending me and most likely I will friend you in return, all I ask is that you comment to let me know that you've added me and then to occasional posts. I don't expect you to comment to every entry I make and it's unlikely I will reply to your every post but I'll be more likely to make the effort if you do the same!

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